3 Solutions You Can Do Right Now To Have Your Management People Be On The Same Page

Are you a business owner who’s constantly dealing with conflicting opinions? Is management just not on the same page regarding the direction of the company and how to get there?
With conflicting opinions comes conflicting results.  Departments end up operating in silo’s not communicating with each-other.  These breakdowns in communication usually lead to mistakes and losses in revenue. More importantly, your employees are noticing it all, which affects the company culture and moral.  Employees don’t stay long where management is not unified and there is disaccord.
So what do you do about it?

Here are 3 things you can do right away to have your management in uniformity and
moving in the right direction:

1 – Have An Intervention

Depending on where things are at and how critical the issues are, you may need to have an executive level intervention. You and your high-level team involved need to sit down and hash everything out until everyone is 100% complete.  This requires open conversations, being vulnerable and honest, but not attacking the other.  At the receiving end, listeners need to be empathetic and open to criticism.  It may take all day but nobody leaves until everyone is feeling 100% satisfied and there is total“kumbaya” established with each other.

It is important to learn from past mistakes, be present to what is being communicated now and plan for the future where everyone in management is operating in one unison direction and together. Engaging outside expertise that is non biased is always beneficial in producing effective results. Dante is well experienced in company conflict resolution  if you think you might need help, reach out to us.

2 – Create The Future Together

Once everyone is unified you need to create the future together.  

You can’t expect to take your company in the direction you want if no one else on your team has a clear vision the plan and is fully on board.  If you need help in creating and achieving your company plans and goals, Dante can help.

3 – Who Does What and How

Once everyone is on the same page about the future, you need to come to an agreement on who is accountable for what goal and how to effectively communicate with one another on the accomplishment of those goals.

Having accountability means everyone is taking their share of the responsibility in ensuring company results are being achieved. Sharing resources and responsibilities will be required and having the right tools will help.  Dante has a proven set of best practices to help you achieve this.  A focused structure has to be set that moves the needle forward without wasting anytime.  

You will need to create communication guidelines that cover things like standardized email communication format,  response time expectations, etc. Everyone should be held accountable to their tasks and goals, it’s the only way to achieving progress.

If you implement the above strategies into your business,  you will see positive results occurring. Within 3 – 6 months, a complete change within leadership will transpire along with a more focused approach to goal settings, accountability and execution.

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