Meet Likky Lavji

A sought-after keynote speaker, Likky Lavji is passionate about helping others “break barriers” to identify their passion and purpose. In fact, his middle name, Madat, translates to ‘help’ and he channels this into providing value in every relationship he has – personal and professional. With over 25 years of experience in business leadership, Likky has been acknowledged by prominent organizations, including Lenovo Canada and Ingram Micro, for his ability to redefining networking and changing their approach to conducting business.


Through his candid, energetic, and effortless presentation style, Likky’s message engages and resonates with his audience. He encourages everyone to adopt his motto: “Make Every Connection Matter”, emphasizing the importance of cultivating long-lasting relationships. Likky believes that every person has the potential to positively impact your personal and professional growth – no connection or individual should ever be discounted.

Likky Lavji
President & Founder
Dante Group

Likky is the President and Lead Facilitator of Dante Group, a consulting firm that works with growth-oriented mid-size companies. He helps business leaders identify and resolve the core issues that are disrupting day-to-day activities and impacting long-term growth in their organization. His methods not only lead to greater profits but also increase employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Business professionals love working with Likky because he provides nothing short of exceptional value and true organizational transformation to his clients. He also previously founded Matrix Connectivity Solutions, a very successful Vancouver-based IT firm, he sold in 2015.

Bob Burg, National Best-Selling author of ‘The Go Giver’ series and Fortune 500 Company Coach

“ It’s truly an honour to have Likky Lavji on our team of Certified Go-Giver Speakers & Coaches...he is able to bring exceptional value and true transformation to his clients! I highly recommend Likky as both a facilitator as well as a keynote speaker. Your audience — your company — your bottom line will come away better as a result. ”

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