3 Powerful Strategies for Sales and Business Growth

We all want that secret sauce to increasing our sales and grow our business. While there are many concepts out there, they all share one root, and that is building connections that matter.  So how do you build connections that will boost your sales? 

1. Create Value

When you become an authority in your field and share your expertise and knowledge with your customers on a consistent basis and not when its just needed, your value begins to increase. 

Give them the experience that becomes worth more to them than what they have given in payment.  When customers begin to feel they are receiving more in value than expected, your customer will develop trust in you, which eventually leads them to becoming your walking ambassador to their networks. 

2. Stay Open

Let your customers and prospects feel you understand them.  A lot of times a customers frustrations go beyond what is on the surface.  The right discovery questions will help uncover the deeper root of their issues (Dante has created the right discovery questions to ask your prospects that become meaningful to them).

It is your job as the sales person to help to them see the problems or challenges they didn’t realize existed. Focus on the customer and explore with them the values and importance of solving their problems.  When you demonstrate yourself to being open and empathetic, you become a trusted advisor and a guide for them. 

3. Touch Lives

Listening is the greatest tool anyone of us has, although it is the most difficult tool to practice.  When we “listen with the back of our necks”, we are truly connecting with the individual.  You may not always agree with the feedback you receive from your angry customer However, when you demonstrate empathy, you are tapping into creating a connection that makes them feel you understand them and in turn they will receive their trust.

Other times you will run into a prospect who is expressing an interest in buying from your competitor, and although your gut is wrenching, stay open in receiving their objections.  Somewhere in that conversation you will uncover the real reasons for their decision. At the end, never discount prospect as a lost lead, continue to be in communication and in connection with them time to time, it could just end up leading to better outcomes. 

In our upcoming webinar series we will uncover all the strategies you need to know to increase your sales and establish a referral source base that lasts. 

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