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How Decision Making is Connected To Blind Spots

A potential customer is often willing to put a sense of peace and stability at risk or on pause, every time they consider implementing a new solution or product.

For them, the emotional risk is far greater than understanding the benefit of the product resolving their “situational pain” – a Blind Spot they are not aware of how their fear of emotional risk is holding them back.

No matter what kind of product or service you are selling, your customer’s final buying decision comes down to two question.  “How will your product or service help solve my problems and frustrations?” and “Can I trust you?” 

Not always is it clear to them they have a problem.  They have grown accustomed to dealing with things as they are. 

The Buying Group
You also need to determine if there is more than one person making the buying decision. Is there a “buying group”.  Each person in that group wants your product or service to solve their own specific issues.  They may not share the exact same “situational pain” as everyone else in the group, but the one thing they all have in common is the need for having an emotional ROI when investing in you, your company and your product.  

Emotional ROI
Can you tap into their emotions? Can you build a deep enough connection for them to trust you? Can you be their guide to helping them understand and believe the future will be better than the present? Can they trust you when you say their Emotional ROI will be better than their Fear of Change.

Three Things Customers Want 
I witness many times my client’s customers wanting three things from a meeting:

1)They want to see if they can trust you. Can you build an emotional connection? Building trust comes from building connection.  When they can trust you, they will be open to listening.

2) What is the Emotional ROI? What is the emotional gain they will receive from the purchase? Can you clearly demonstrate your understanding of each buying groups “situational pain”?

3) Will the emotional benefits from buying outweigh the emotional risk? (which is naturally expected during the purchase making decision).

Being fully present to listening and understanding their needs and wants requires looking for their Blind Spots.  

Determine  3 things:
1) What’s holding them back?
2) What is the impact to their organization for not having the right services or products working for them?
3) What are the actions and behaviors that occur as a result of not having the right solution working for them?  Make them aware of what they don’t know.

Doing this will bring value to the conversation, showcase your uniqueness for understanding them and gaining their trust.

During the course of the next five weeks I will be sharing with you the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success from The Go-Giver Book written by one of my favorite person and mentor, Bob Burg.

With each law you can begin implementing them everyday of the week with your customers, the people in your organization and even to your vendors.

These small nudges will create a significant impact in the way you interact with people, your listening and communication and building a trusting relationship.

Your organization will become more engaged and a natural shift will occur where customers see you as an asset rather than a commodity.

Reach out to me for more advice on how you can implement sales strategy that works.


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