A Tribe of Value Believers = Value Givers in Your Company

A tribe of mesmerized believers is a team with a clear understanding and sense of the value the company aspires to give its customers.

A team with a deep sense in the value system of its organization transfers that message to its customers. Leaders believe their competitive differentiation (products or services) and emotional engagement are separate entities.  Yet both of these are very much intertwined.

People look for meaning at work.  When companies can reframe that meaning into the impact the employees can create for customers that transcends into a relationship that is more than just a transaction.

Studies have shown that employee incentives of bonuses and profit sharing give temporary gratification; a transaction in time showing appreciation and value momentarily.

It is a mistaken notion that these types of incentives will improve employee performance.  We have allowed the  money story to replace the meaning of true value and appreciation, eroding the very thing that makes a business great: value, passion and purpose.

If money produced money, that formula would produce instantaneous results, every single time.  “lets just throw money and people at the problem and hope for the best” seems all too often the easiest way to resolving anything.

When you  give meaning to your employees lives by showing them over and over again the value system, beliefs, and purpose of the organization you then build your tribe of givers.

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