Likky is no stranger to speaking and has spoken for a variety of dynamic clients, everything from corporate events, workshops to conferences.

Combined with his executive leadership expertise, Likky’s one-of-a-kind keynote presentations leaves audiences inspired to take action.  Main component of Likky’s keynotes are teachings, through the lens of storytelling.  Likky utilizes audio visual presentations to integrate some of his stories of success and failures.  The best lessons in life are learned from our failures.





What kind of performance results could your company achieve if you had a culture without conflict?

What kind of talent could you attract?

How engaged, excited, and loyal would your customer base be?

If you haven’t optimized these aspects of your business …what’s holding you back?

It could be unseen and unspoken factors within your business that are hidden from view. These are your blindspots. Every business has them. Ignore them, and your organization may never realize its true potential.

  • Identify and navigate your blindspots,
  • Be in a powerful position to unleash the full collective genius within your company
  • Achieve tighter alignment between teams
  • Attain more seamless communication
  • Develop a stronger commitment to a common organizational purpose.

This engaging conversation unearths how organizational blind spots can put organizations and its people at high risk of failure.


Every human being has the ability to unleash their hidden talents. Every organization has the responsibility to help their people attain their human potential.

Blind spots within an organization are not errors or mistakes. They’re merely repeated actions, behaviors, or beliefs that affect people in ways you may not know.

Often what you’ll find is a gold mine of positive attributes in you and your team that are aching to be uncaged and let loose!

When we think of great company’s we see a talent pool of people who love the work they do and feel a purpose to be there.

It’s leaders who have inspired them to be their best.  Leaders are not born, they are made.  They are critical thinkers, great communicators and have a passionate desire to unleash their teams’ talent.

Great leaders are willing to look in the mirror and ask 3 simple questions:

  • How are my BLIND SPOTS actions and behaviors impacting the people I lead?
  • Am I a TRUSTED leader?
  • How can I truly inspire people to be the best version of themselves?
If you develop 1 and 2, 3 becomes natural.

Hosting & moderating

Every event needs a good moderator. Ensuring your audience receives an unforgettable experience has a lot to do with personality and how well prepared your moderator or host will be.  Likky Lavji engages with audiences and stage participants to make sure everyone gets the most out of their day.  He brings a natural flare to conversations, creating a space for guests to have open conversations and encouraging them to share their triumphs and challenges.

He has a unique ability to ask the right questions at the right time and gauge the peaks and lows of audiences level of interest.

With his extensive experience as a host for conference’s and non profit gala’s, Likky has the ability to increase the velocity of energy from guests, getting them highly motivated and engaged.


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