What is your personal definition of success?


  1. Success is a myriad of things that come into play: Having real personal self-awareness of how your actions and behaviors affect others and how it affects your performance. In other words, having awareness of your BS, or as I like to call it, your blind spots.
  2. Having a real sense of your core values and beliefs and staying true to them. If you are a leader in an organization the core values and beliefs should be the guiding beacon to everything the organization does. And it is so important that the whole of the organization is aligned with those core values, its what keeps the company focused and moving forward.


Networking Effectively and Creating a Sphere of Influence

The idea of networking effectively and creating a sphere of influence is nothing new in sales. It’s a facet of sales that everybody understands and executes. Networking is one sure way of meeting new people, building relationships, and it eventually opens doors for opportunities.