Identify and Overcome Blind Spots

In this episode we talk about the greatest misconception when it comes to blind spots. How to identify yours and who to surround yourself with and who to exclude from that group. Plus the most common blind spots, and then how you can specifically overcome those by asking some really insightful questions.

Navigating our BS to Achieve Success and Fulfillment

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m excited to bring you a conversation with business coach, speaker, and “Blindspot Navigator“, Likky Lavji. Likky is the President and Lead Facilitator of Dante Group, a Vancouver-based consulting firm that works with growth-oriented mid-size companies.

Do you think technology has made our relationship with others better or worse?

In this episode, Likky Lavji shares his thoughts on whether technology has made our relationships with others better or worse.

Likky Lavji is a certified coach, keynote speaker and the founder of Dante Group.

Finding Your Blindspots

Likky Lavji is a well-known Business Mentor, Visionary, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur who helps people identify blind spots and live a life of congruence.

Success, Motivation & Inspiration

Likky Lavji, is known as “The Blind Spot Navigator” and he’s a renowned keynote speaker. Likky helps people and organizations discover their blind spots to power performance. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Likky Lavji has been acknowledged by leading organizations, including…

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Sales Chalk Talk with Likky Lavji

Our very special guest on Sales Chalk Talk today is entrepreneur, business coach and speaker Likky Lavji. All of us have a variety of “blind spots”, ways in which we are showing up in our relationships that are turning others off, and we are completely unaware that we are affecting people in that way. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can discover your blind spots and make changes to enhance your relationships and make your communications more effective.

On this podcast, you’ll discover:

• How a man with a stutter wound up being an incredibly great speaker

Discovering Your Blind Spots with Likky Lavji

Everyone has blind spots. We have them in our personal life and our work lives. Being aware of our blindspots can open up a universe of options for us to advance our goals.


What is your personal definition of success?
  1. Success is a myriad of things that come into play: Having real personal self-awareness of how your actions and behaviors affect others and how it affects your performance. In other words, having awareness of your BS, or as I like to call it, your blind spots.
  2. Having a real sense of your core values and beliefs and staying true to them. If you are a leader in an organization the core values and beliefs should be the guiding beacon to everything the organization does. And it is so important that the whole of the organization is aligned with those core values, its what keeps the company focused and moving forward.


Networking Effectively and Creating a Sphere of Influence

The idea of networking effectively and creating a sphere of influence is nothing new in sales. It’s a facet of sales that everybody understands and executes. Networking is one sure way of meeting new people, building relationships, and it eventually opens doors for opportunities.